You can read Larry's blog entries on the Psychology Today website: 
or go to the Psychology Today home page, click on 'blogs' and then look for Larry's blog under the heading 'Spirituality'. You will find all Larry's blog posts since January 2011, starting with the most recent.

The byline, 'Spiritual Wisdom for Secular Times', is taken from the sub-title of my book 'Love, Healing and Happiness'.

Since January 2011, Larry has posted over 75 times. His most-read post, "What is Spirituality?" from 5th March 2011 has scored almost 30,000 hits. 

Other popular posts include, "What is Zen? Three key aspect to decode the mystery" (11 May 2011), "Worldly and Spiritual Values" (19 May 2011), "Spirituality for Beginners 1: Exploring New territory", and "Spirituality for Beginners 14: Spirituality and Emotions" (7 Sept 2013).