After the Flood (Memoirs of a Tyrant King)

Approaching his 100th birthday and near death, Freddie Manning records his life; as a schoolboy from a broken home, as a teenage lover, as a combat soldier, as a mercenary leader, and as the tyrant king of what remains of southern England following the great flood caused by extreme global warming. The Thames valley is inundated, London awash. Coastal cities world-wide have disappeared. Satellites have crashed. Communications have failed. Energy supplies dwindle. Dry land is at a premium. Food is scarce. Rioting is common. Someone must re-establish order from chaos in these parts, and that man is Freddie Manning. A prologue and epilogue, bookending his revealing late-life memoir, tell of plans to assassinate the appallingly ruthless demagogue he has become, but he still thinks of himself as a saint.

After the Flood includes a four generation family saga, a sex-fuelled love story, a heart-warming tale of male comradeship and adventure, and a prophetic account of impending eco-catastrophe, assembled into one breathtaking narrative addressing all the major problems of this challenging epoch in the history of troubled humanity.

Without being too dismal or serious, this book raises important issues about the possibility of social breakdown in the face of an emerging global catastrophe, giving people the opportunity to reflect on how to prevent and prepare for the worst, whilst also planning and hoping for the best.

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