Welcome to Dr Larry Culliford's Happiness Website

Larry Culliford is a former physician and psychiatrist living in Sussex, UK. As interested in exploring the question, 'What is mental health?' as in identifying and treating mental illness, he recognized early the importance of a spiritual dimension in human psychology. In the 1980's, he developed a new, holistic theory of emotion and personal growth that became the basis for his helpful ideas about happiness.

Larry's Mission Statement:

My passion is to help people better understand themselves, and each other.

What lifts my heart is human kindness. As people we are of one kind. Whenever I observe examples of compassion, generosity, restraint and forgiveness, I feel genuinely moved and enriched.

I also love watching people grow - grow in knowledge, in sensitivity, in kindness, in contentment, in joy, in wisdom and in love - especially if I may have helped.

Larry on Wisdom:

Wisdom is sacred knowledge, the knowledge of how to be and behave for the best, for all concerned, moment by moment, in any given situation. Wisdom ultimately involves a person feeling deeply a seamless connectedness with everyone else, nature, the planet and the cosmos, giving spontaneous rise to compassion, humility, awe and wonder.